Course Description

What’s the focus of this course?

This Salesforce developer certification training is designed to ensure that you learn & master the concepts of Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex & Visualforce) and pass the Salesforce developer certification exams on your first try. Our training will help you understand how to extend Salesforce features using the declarative and programmatic capabilities of Apex code and Visualforce. The practical hands-on learning approach followed in this course will ensure you get job ready by the end of it.

What are the course objectives?

By the end of this Salesforce developer certification training course, you will be able to:

  • Develop custom applications using Apex and Visualforce
  • Extend an application’s capabilities using AppExchange
  • Design and manage the data model, user interface, and business logic for custom applications
  • Prevent security vulnerabilities in Apex and Visualforce programmatically
  • Describe testing framework and execute one or multiple test classes
  • Access various types of debug logs and deploy metadata and business data

Who should take this course?

  • This Salesforce developer training course is suitable for:
    • Individuals looking to build a career in the development side of Salesforce
    • App Builders
    • Developers
    • Technical Architects
    • System Administrators
    • IT Managers
    • Product Managers

What projects will I work on as part of the course?

Simplilearn’s Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex & Visualforce) training offers participants the opportunity to work on live industry-based projects that span across unique industry needs.

Project 1: Developing a Billing System Application for a Communications company

Project Scenario:
The Finance Head of “Global Communications” has asked you to create an application to calculate mobile and internet bills for their customers. Currently, the company maintains their customer data in an Excel sheet. As the number of customers has reached 3,000, maintaining this data in an Excel sheet has become impossible. This app that you need to develop should be able to calculate the customers’ bills based on their usage and rental plan.

Project 2: Developing an Inventory Management Application for a Grocery company

Project Scenario:
You have been approached by “Global Grocery”, a chain of grocery stores to develop an application to manage their inventory as it includes thousands of products. They want to track the delivery of products to the customers, maintain their contact information, and track the items sold to them.

Project 3: Developing an Insurance Policy-Suggesting Application for an Insurance company

Project Scenario:
You work for an Insurance company. Your sales representatives have to go through various customer details such as age, income, medical history, marital status, number of children, and so on, before they can suggest a suitable policy that will meet the customer’s needs. This is a time-intensive activity. To make the process faster, you have been asked to create an application that can suggest applicable insurance policies relevant to the customers.